h2o Conservation

My goal with my new yard and garden is to conserve as many natural resources as possible while practicing good eco-friendly gardening. While everyone needs to do their part, I have to admit, I sort of found myself forced to be a good steward of the earth because the water rates in my area are CRAZY expensive! So, in addition to making changes inside the house, like not running the water while we brush our teeth or doing 1/2 loads of dishes and laundry, I’ve implemented some changes to the outside watering as well.

 Drip irrigation hose was ran throughout both front flower beds

I found a great kit at my local garden store for under $20! This entire kit included 50′ of 1/2″ flexible hose, 50′ of 1/4″ drip hose, 20 various drip heads, a hole punch, faucet adaptor, pressure fitting, stakes and more!!! It was a great value especially after looking and shopping for other brands and price points, this is where I got the most bang for my buck.

Before we poured the new sidewalk, my hubby was smart enough to place a 3″ PVC pipe that ran from one side of the front door to the other. We ran the hose underneath the sidewalk in order to water both beds at the same time.

Because my front beds are so big, I did go back and purchase another 50′ of 1/2″ hose and another couple of packages of ‘T’ connectors. I was out another $15 or so. I started the hose at the main faucet from the house and then snaked it around the first bed and then under the sidewalk in the PVC pipe my hubby had placed before the concrete came. I then used the remainder of the hose in the second bed and had to use the connector that came with the original kit to tie in the two separate hoses.

 Small drip heads were placed either directly to the base of each shrub or we ran 1/4″ hose with a special dripper on the end to plants too far away from the main 1/2″ hose.

Since we had already planted the majority of the shrubs and flowers, I simply let that be my guide to the hose layout. In addition to the single drippers, I also purchased two small mist 360 degree mist sprayers, they sit low to the ground and will catch-all the areas the drippers may have missed without a lot of excess water loss. Using this method, we no longer have to move water hoses and sprinklers and water all the sidewalks and the sides of the house as well!

My next addition to this system will be the automated timer that I can set to water for about an hour each morning when you really need to water.


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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