Never Be Intimidated!

 Oh my, I cannot believe I feel even a little intimidated by doing this Blog.  I was a pioneer in computing!!  I moved 16 computers (the total number in our entire school) to my husband’s classroom every Thursday night for 2 years to teach farmers and their wives how computers could make their lives easier.  I’ve taught people from 2 to 92 how to use computers.  I’ve followed every computer advancement since the early 80s to the latest Internet Browser, operating systems, and photo editing software.  I WILL NOT be intimidated!

Now that this new endeavor understands just how I feel, I will forge on with confidence!!

I just have a million things to share with all of you, but I’ll start with a bit of current info everyone should know.  PLAN before you start.  YES I did that 5 years ago when we built a new house in the middle of an alfalfa field, but. . .maybe. . . I could have PLANNED a little better.  I remember when I planted this stuff, I thought, “I’ll just move it when it gets too crowded.”  Right!!

Crowded Front Berm

This is last summer (2010)  I took this pic to remind me that this spring I HAD to do something.  That poor little dogwood is being squished by that Knockout Rose, and you can’t really see it, but there is a Firepower Nandina behind that dogwood.  Yes, it is literally under the rosebush.

Yesterday, I pruned, correction, PRUNED the rose bush.

Can see the little Nandina?  Now I can get in there and dig up the Nandina and the Dogwood to relocate them.  I really had wanted to move the rose bush, but I would have to cut it WAY back and it is just so gorgeous all summer.  I would really miss it in that place anyway.

I always prune my roses in Feburary or March.  It helps keep the winter kill to a minimum.  Of course with Knockouts, there’s not much worry.  They are the best, most hardy rose for just a pretty flowering bush that there is.  And in our weather that ranges from -10 to 110 degrees, I need something that just can’t be killed.

This is one reason I didn’t want to cut back and dig up the rose!!  Heavy leather gloves and long-handled loppers are important.


I completely filled up my Mule with branches from just one rose bush–yes I have more than one that is extremely overgrown!
My Mule is one of my favorite “toys.”  We got it to take to the mountains, but I’m about to wear it out here in the yard.  Did I mention that my yard and garden is a couple acres?  Then I also care for the peripheral area that borders the cow pasture.
This is our East fence where we planted trees yesterday.  It’s also where I backed into the hotwire (Okie for Electric Fence) and shocked my bee-hind.  I yelped to say the least. 

The Girls

Here are some more of our family members!  If you look closely, you can see Lady of Liberty’s head sticking out of the grass.
I’ll get back here in a day or two and show you how I plant trees in this dry, hard ground here.  BTW, we have had only 3/10 of rain since last October.  Bye now!

About Kathy

I'm a retired school teacher. I've always lived in Southwest Oklahoma, and I LOVE the outdoors. I learned to drive a tractor when I was a small child, and I was immediately hooked on "dirt." I have two absolutely wonderful children, Wendy & J.C. Wendy is married to Shawn, a great son-in-law, talented coach, and caring father. J.C. is married to Deedee, a math whiz, great daughter-in-law, and loving mother. My grandchildren are Kallie, 7; Kynslie, 18 months; and Lincoln, 14 months. My main job right now is to spoil those grandchildren and teach them a love of the land. Gardening is what I love to do. I LOVE to get "down and dirty." Oh yes, I forgot the love of my life, Joe. I couldn't do half of what I do in the yard if not for him, but then again, I might could also do more, if he wouldn't keep "encouraging" me to not spend so much!! That's him in the profile pic with me saying, "No, you can't buy that!"
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