When you follow the instructions…


I would always like to pride myself in saying that I carefully read the labels on products I buy and follow the directions to the letter, but my antsy side creeps in and I often find myself thinking I’ve read everything clearly only to find out much later – usually too late – that there has been some key, vital important detail that I have skimmed over. But not the case this time!!! I’m beginning to think vegetable gardening is a much more exact science rather than a haphazard hobby…at least if you want successful results that is.

one of the first seedlings from the peas I just planted on 3/20!

Looking very closely there in the middle you can see one of the first little seedings from the heirloom garden peas I just planted 3 days ago!! I made sure and not only did I follow the instructions on the packet, but also did a little research prior to planting just for good measure. (I learned my lesson on the carrots). I planted my little round seeds just about a 1/4″ deep and covered with great compost soil and watered it in. And poof! There’s a seed right there – can’t wait to see what else today’s nice sunshine will bring up!


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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