Pretty Memories

I have all sorts of memories of my grandparents and great grandparents from when I was a child. I can remember sitting on top of my great grandmother Velma’s red formica counter top as she canned her summer jellies and jams, or of my great granddaddy Estes who would gladly take me out into his orchards or large garden and show me how to pick that mornings harvests. (So I guess it’s really no excuse if I can’t have a successful garden looking at how I have two generations worth of teaching ha ha!)

This weekend, I came across a little trinket that sent me whirling back memory lane. I came across this cute little plant mister. My Nana used to have a little green mister similar to this that she’d keep on a shelf. I found myself many summer days when I would stay with her filling this thing up and ‘watering’ all sorts of imaginary plants – perhaps some African Violets she had planted here and there inside the house. Looking back, I’m sure she cringed when she saw that thing in my hand and some sort of watery mess that would need to be cleaned up.

My grandmother used to keep a little mister similar to this on her window shelf

But this little find I felt was worth sharing and taking you back down my own pretty memory lane.


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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