Time & Babies

Sometimes you have to just take a moment and enjoy life when you realize it’s flying by right in front of your eyes. I took my daughters to visit their great-grandmother this past Saturday. I treasure the memories as a child I have of all of my great grandparents and how lucky I am to have those memories!

My girls with their Great Grandmother, Nana!

It wasn’t until I saw these pictures that i realized how much my own babies are growing! We enjoyed our weekend with family and came home Sunday to admire how time had been flying in our garden – my garden babies are growing like crazy too!

I was going to thin a few radishes being overtaken by potatoes, little too small still yet

I had to pull a few radishes to thin them out because the potatoes had gone on a weekend growth spurt. It was after I pulled a small baby radish with a tiny red bulb going that I discovered that all my other little radish babies are nearly ready to harvest.

But the growth spurt didn’t stop on the radishes…

Peas are growing and tendrils forming - need a trellis soon

My peas are growing well and have even started to form their little tendrils that will attach to a trellis. I’ll have to start figuring out what type of trellis I want by this weekend!

We have baby broccoli!

Our broccoli has starting forming its first little florets. All eight plants have the same type growth going on. Hopefully our 110 April weather will hold off for just a wee bit longer.

Potatoes are growing like crazy!

Just this past Thursday, a mere four days ago, there was only one good size potato plant – I came home from our weekend visit to see that every plant looked like it had been touched by Miracle Grow (which they haven’t) but still…I’ve never seen this type of plant growth but it does excite me!

I planted a second generation of bush beans yesterday and even started some squash on the ground in my new garden bed. I can’t wait to see how those all turn out too!

I’ll hold off harvesting my radish babies until later this week – most just needed a few more days. Then once that harvest is over, I’ll plant me some sort of Vining zukes/cukes or squash that will summer in that same location! I’ll get my vertical growing started this next weekend if the weather’s nice! Still praying for rain!


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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