2nd Harvet Surprise

Yesterday evening after my 7-year-old was home from school, I took her out to the garden to help pick radishes. I wanted her to have the opportunity to see the efforts of her labor from start to finish. We picked every remaining little radish and brought them in the house to gently scrub them clean. Kal had already prepared herself a salad, yes my 7-year-old LOVES salads and most things veggie, and she (with my help) carefully sliced radishes into thin little slices.

Now mind you – my daughter and I differ greatly on one very major level – she did NOT learn her veggie eating habits from me. I’m a horrible vegetable eater and at least have taught her better. In a celebrated effort to eat radishes with her (she’s made just enough salad for herself) I popped a big ‘ole chunk of radish in my mouth. Expecting a mild, earthy flavor my tounge was in for a giant surprise when this crazy spicy peppery taste exploded in my mouth. Now I might add here that spicy food has never agreed with my stomach so something beyond a few sparsely placed sprinkles of pepper here and there – that’s all my poor little mouth has ever encountered. I tried to mask my surprise so Kal would WANT to eat the salad covered in radishes that she’d just made…but WOW. They were good, but NOT expecting the peppery flavor. Later that evening when my darling husband came home, I of course got the ‘you didn’t know they were spicy? I could have told you that.” remark. Yes, not so helpful AFTER I had eaten it.

But never fear – I think I will try them again, in smaller chunks and perhaps a bit of salad dressing. Kallie said that her Italian dressing seemed to dial down the spicy – but then again, I’m taking the word of a 7 year old ha ha ha!!! We can’t wait for our next harvest round to begin!!!


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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One Response to 2nd Harvet Surprise

  1. Jill says:

    LOL…luv it!!!!

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