Blessed moisture

 After an all too long drought, over the weekend we FINALLY received rain!! While we still need much more, I am fully prepared to deal with the dark, dreary, damp conditions as long as it gives our earth a good drink. (I can do without the hail and tornadoes however).

potatoes are flourishing!

After returning from an Easter visit to my parents where I ooed and awed over my mother’s garden and some of her innovative tomato growing techniques, I came home to admire the growth in my own garden. I will give credit to my husband who as we were opening up the blinds and curtains in the house looked in the backyard and yelled across the house ‘have you seen your garden lately, its HUGE!’. That of course was an open-ended invitation to drop everything I was doing at the very moment and run out to the back of the lot.

Our potatoes have small flowers that look as if they will bud out just any day now. My eggplant is thriving and the winds have not seemed to take their toll as of yet. The peas are now as tall as my hand is long. Green beans that I re-sowed a few weeks ago have made their shiny debut. Zucchini has made its own appearance in the garden and the corn as well.

My oldest daughter was so excited to go out with me and discover the broccoli with its heads that are larger (or nearly as large depending on which plant) than the palm of my hand. Even the carrots seemed to have enjoyed the cooler damp weather. Now our okra however, doesn’t seem to be as happy. I think our crazy winds last week had something to do with that.

Small snippets of corn have made their way up!

I even have hope now with the corn coming up that the new garden bed will flourish if given the right amount of TLC over the next few months. I will continue to add some compost and natural fertilizer to help improve the soil as soon as the weather stabilizes a bit more.


About Wendy M. DeIorio

Founder of Leading It Foward - a grassroots initiative of women, by women, for women teaching and sharing leadership techniques at all ages.
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