New Lawns, Difficult Landscapes

In December, my husband along with our two daughters, moved into a new house out in the country – my long time dream of living in an area with few neighbors and LOTS of space! I had lofty dreams of a lush green yard, perfect flower beds, a great space for a gi-normous garden, great shade trees…well, you get the picture. Not long after moving in did I realize that my dreams were going to come at a literal backbreaking cost!!!

The land around our house gives new meaning to ‘hard as a rock’! Just to give you a mental image, my husband rented an auger (long drill type implement used to make big, deep holes quickly) so that we could plant 2 25 gallon trees we had purchased on sale. This handy-dandy machine’s sole purpose in life is to dig deep holes quickly. Not so much in our yard….my darling husband was able to dig down roughly 4 inches before smoke gave way from the tip of the auger – NOT a positive site! So, we each took turns digging by hand —slowly — and then gave up by filling our few shallow holes with water and waited a week before attempting the holes again.

My garden and yard plights and perils are a wee bit different from those of my mother’s. While she can manuever a shovel nearly anywhere easily on her property, I apparently need large earth movers. So as you follow my posts, you may learn a few things about gardening and landscaping in difficult areas!


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